Our Services

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

We specialize in a wide range of porcelain and ceramic tiles from Europe and mainly from Italy. We are confident that our tiles meet the highest standards worldwide and will bring such quality to Qatrari Market. Our tiles are LEED certified and all of our suppliers have ISO certificates. We are technically qualified to all questions related to quality and specifications.

Sanitary Wares & Accessories

We specialize in sanitary ware from Flaminia, Ideal Standard, Sanitrit, GSI and Cielo. You can feel confident in the design beauty and technical qualifications because our brand designers have done all the thinking for you. Currently, Qatar have strict rules and standards on sanitary wares. We have managed to far exceed the detailed standards set by consultants.

Marbles & Stones

We are the leading importer of Marble & Granite mainly from Italy, Span and Greek. We can also provide from Turkey, Ukraine, India and China. Our Designers will gladly assist you to create just the right combination of visual beaty and functionality for your project. Jordanian stones are known for their beauty and durability compared to other low quality stones.

Outdoor Tiles

The wide range of products through the help of the latest technology, enable us to offer the market a product with unique features and outstanding designs. These products are manufactured with a blend of selected materials and pressed under high power.


We ensure that our customers can choose among various models without height restriction. We offer different exquisite designs, from concrete to metal lines. Our aim is to provide the best and most innovative solutions to our valued customers.

Aluminium Doors & Window

Aluminium is a chemical element that in the field of extrusion, coating, oxidation and anodization of aluminium. Windows, sliding doors and swing doors, continuous facades, shutters and solar shading systems are available in a wide range of finishes.